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Rates & Services

Online Training (Monthly Rates)

Online training and In person training are similar in almost everything , except for location of sessions. Training online is becoming a lot more convenient for individuals in today's world because the networking and technology has expanded and advanced, so this is an option that fits clients situation better for their convenience. Everything applies the same as In-person training offers, except location. Here is what online training offers:

- Customize workout plan 

- Nutritional Advice

- Consistent Check Up Evaluations of Progress

- Location (Video Chat, Texting, Phone Call)


(4x/month) = 1x/week: $100.00

(8x/month) = 2x/week: $200.00

(12x/month) = 3x/week: $300.00

(16x/month) = 4x/week: $400.00

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Adding Nutrition

Adding nutrition to a training workout plan will be an additional $100.00 along with the education.

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